BlueSix is Craig Stump - I design and build things that live on the web. I'm a web developer (frontend & backend) with 20 years experience, UX/UI designer and all-round technical boffin, based in Sydney. I also build startups and consult to businesses that need help implementing their digital strategy.

[email protected]   @bluesix   0403 290 430

Recently completed projects

Oct 2015
Working with the NSW Department of Education to deliver 7 new websites to keep local communities informed about the development of new schools around the state.
July 2015
Built and launched Sydney Heart and Lung - a bespoke Wordpress build. Beautifully designed by Totem
June 2015
Launched - a new online training platform for doctors. Includes development of a custom CRM (to manage users, courses, reporting) and events management. API integrations with Moodle and a community platform. Also built a custom SSO module.
May 2015
Launched - a custom-built events management system for IPAA of Victoria.
April 2015
Converted my online exam platform,, to responsive design to stay in Google's good books.
March 2015
Launched the new website - a custom Wordpress build. [Totem project]
July 2014
SBS World Cup - Built a responsive Facebook app to promote SBS's screening of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The app dynamically generated a shareable soccer jersey with your friends and family in the background. [Totem project]

My companies & software

Niggle It

Companies I've worked with

NSW Dept of Education Bayer DHL Sega SBS eftpos Laser Clinics Australia

[email protected]   0403 290 430